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ESG Immersive Learning Series

Empowering business professionals with real world, practical tools for leveraging ESG to elevate competitive advantages, this three-session course facilitated by George Brown College and the Brookfield Sustainability Institute helped participants learn how to unite cross-functional teams to face sustainability challenges and how to generate solutions that can drive real impact within their organizations.

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Toronto Region Board of Trade



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If you are interested in viewing a prototype of the database on your desktop device, please visit the following link:

Desktop Prototype

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The World's First Hoodie That Grows in Value and Saves the Planet

George Brown College and SIXR are revolutionizing the sustainable apparel sector with an exciting new initiative! SIXR is the first global marketplace that makes eco-friendly shopping a rewarding experience. Buy sustainable, recycle with ease, and watch your rewards grow. A greener planet and a fuller wallet? Yes, please!

SIXR has collaborated with George Brown College and the Brookfield Sustainability Institute to launch the first product on the SIXR platform, the FOR TOMORROW hoodie.

How does it work?

Cash In Rewards that grow over time

Your Rewards Do More Than You Think. We invest the rewards in earth-saving initiatives like sustainable energy, reforestation, and ocean clean-ups. So while you're flaunting your new eco-chic outfit, your rewards are growing in value.

Finally A Hoodie That Stays Out of Landfills

Each year, millions of discarded clothing items end up in landfills. Not the "FOR TOMORROW Hoodie". It is made with fibers that can be easily recycled and transformed into new material stock. When it's time to part ways, simply use the SIXR app to send it back. We'll ensure it's recycled, championing a greener future in fashion.

The FOR TOMORROW Collection

Designed by the Brookfield Sustainability Institute and students at George Brown College, the FOR TOMORROW hoodie is a statement piece that promotes change in the apparel industry by exemplifying circular design and sustainability principles.

The creation of the hoodie began with an innovation workshop, where GBC fashion and design students collaborated with apparel industry stakeholders to establish 6 guiding principles for circular apparel design.

Physical & Emotional Durability
Design for Disassembly
Just In Time Production

The 'FOR TOMORROW Hoodie' uses a zero-waste pattern and features a secure stash pocket. Composed of recyclable textiles and accompanied by an app that guides its lifecycle, the 'FOR TOMORROW Hoodie' will revolutionize responsible fashion.

Enjoy the soothing colours from the Earth Collection: Midnight, Moon, Sky and Sand. Inspired by colours found in nature, the Earth Collection colour palette is a reminder of our Earth and the commitment to sustainable fashion.

Explore Our Origins and Join the Fashion Revolution.

We invite you to be part of our journey—a journey that started in a charrette and has evolved into a movement redefining the fashion industry. To learn more about our origins and the passion that drives us, Click here.

Become a SIXR Ambassador and Help Promote Sustainable Fashion!

Get 50% Off Early Bird Discount

We are Launching Soon on Kickstarter. Please pledge with your email address for this exclusive offer.

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Introducing SIXR,
The Future of Sustainable Fashion

SIXR is not just an app; it's a movement, making SIXR the first global marketplace that combines style with sustainability. Shop, recycle, and earn rewards—all from the palm of your hand. When you recycle a garment you receive up to 12% in incentives towards new purchases in the SIXR marketplace.

How it Works?

One-Two-Three, Eco-Friendly: You're three steps away from making an impact.

Get Rewarded

Pick a hoodie from our app,
and we'll ship it your way

Buy Green

Done wearing? Just scan its QR code and
mail it back for responsible recycling.

Scan & Send

Receive up to 12% of the garment's cost as incentives,
because good choices should be rewarded

Sign Up Now and Get an Exclusive Discount

We are Launching Soon on Kickstarter. Get an exclusive 50% discount on our first collection by signing up now!

Become a SIXR Ambassador and Help Promote Sustainable Fashion!

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Shop Worry-Free

Tired of sifting through labels to see if you're actually buying sustainable clothing? With SIXR, every piece you see is certified sustainable. Our garments meet the highest standards of eco-friendliness, from thread to finishing. Because fashion should feel good—inside and out.

Know Your Clothes, From Start to Finish

Ever wonder who made your clothes or where they come from? Each SIXR garment comes with a unique QR code. Just scan to uncover its life story—from the materials used, the hands that crafted it, to the environmental footprint. Full transparency, no guesswork.

Look Good While Doing Greater Good

At SIXR, 'Made With Love' isn't just a tagline—it’s a promise. We ensure that the artisans who craft your clothes work in safe conditions and earn fair wages. When you shop with us, you’re not just getting a piece of clothing; you're supporting a system that values every hand it passes through.

Help promote sustainable fashion by becoming a SIXR ambassador!

Ready to be part of SIXR's launch and revolutionize sustainable fashion?

We're on the lookout for passionate Brand Ambassadors to spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign and the FOR TOMORROW hoodie. Your efforts that bring value will offer competitive rewards.

Deadline to join the Kickstarter Campaign is February 4 2024. Don't miss out on the chance to prevent fashion waste!

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Exclusive Discount:

Enjoy an early 50% discount applicable to our entire collection, with prices starting as low as USD $39 and going up to USD $139 MSRP.

Still on the Fence?

What’s Stopping You from Joining The SixR Revolution?

🏷️ Pricey? Nah!: Earn rewards to make your next buy more budget-friendly.

📱 Tech Who?: Easy-to-use app. One click, that's it!

🧐 Skeptical?: Our past success with Clean Planet speaks volumes.

👕 Choices?: The hoodies are just the start. More exciting, eco-friendly apparel from multiple brands coming your way!

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