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FIT Charrette

A collaborative workshop to become the creative mind behind GBC’s first sustainable fashion brand!
Oct 24, 2022
Oct 28, 2022
3 Lower Jarvis St. Toronto


From October 24th to October 28th, 27 students from George Brown College, specializing in fashion, marketing, and design, engaged in sustainable garment development and prototyping. The objective of this design challenge was to create sustainable garments that would address the prevailing take-make-waste model within the fashion industry, and focused on incorporating elements of circular design, tech-enabled smart solutions, garment innovation, and meeting student needs.

What are the Streams?

Ways of Sharing

• The relationship between Working & Learning

• Themes: harmonization of work and learning practices, eco-friendly workspaces, sustainable learning methodologies

• Facilitator: Eric Meerkamper
• Case Study: FireNtegra

In a world facing sustainability challenges, the relationship between work and learning needs a paradigm shift. Traditional models contribute to environmental strain, and there’s a pressing need for sustainable innovations that harmonize work and learning practices.

This Stream will explore sustainable innovations in learning and work.

Determine how cutting-edge practices can provide solutions to the environmental impact of traditional approaches. From eco-friendly workspaces to sustainable learning methodologies,we’ll delve into transformative solutions that shape a greener future.

• The relationship between Health & Wellness

• Themes: holistic approaches to healthcare, mental well-being, community resilience, and inclusive care strategies

• Facilitator: Jane Cooke-Lauder
• Case Study: SourceFarm

Exploring novel ways of caring for individuals and communities.

In our fast-paced world, health challenges abound, impacting both individuals and communities. The traditional approaches to healthcare often fall short in addressing the holistic well-being of individuals, leaving communities vulnerable to various health-related issues.

This Stream will explore innovative solutions in the realm of Health & Wellness.

We’ll lead discussions on holistic approaches to healthcare, mental well-being, community resilience, and inclusive care strategies. We’ll delve into the latest advancements, compassionate strategies, and collaborative initiatives that contribute to healthier societies.

Ways of Caring

Ways of Living

• The relationship between Housing & Community

• Themes: redefine urban living, infrastructure development,and housing design

• Facilitator: Kristina Verner
• Case Study: Eglinton West

Our current living practices and infrastructure often contribute to environmental degradation and urban challenges.

Traditional approaches to housing and infrastructure can be unsustainable, posing threats to both the well-being of individuals and the health of the planet.

This Stream will explore cutting-edge solutions and sustainable practices that redefine urban living, infrastructure development, and housing design. We’ll envision and create a blueprint for tomorrow’s living spaces where comfort and environmental harmony coexist.

Key Insights

  • Circular systems can be achieved through the using recycled fibers, upcycling existing garments, extending durability, enhancing traceability, and reimagining supply chains.
  • Technology leverages sustainable systems by incorporating automation, data tracking, digital connectivity, and IoT.
  • Empathizing with consumer needs through garment design incentivizes the purchase of sustainable garments and extends their longevity, supporting sustainable practices.


As a result of the intensive garment development and prototyping efforts, the participating teams successfully created three sustainable garments that approached the design challenge in unique ways. These solutions encompass a varsity-style hoodie that establishes an emotional connection with students and promotes prolonged usage through modular patches, a tech-enabled backpack that enables wear reporting to a comprehensive database, tracking the backpack’s life cycle, and a poncho made from a single fabric piece, facilitating easy upcycling into other clothing items.

These innovative garments effectively tackled the primary challenge of the project while offering tailored solutions aligned with the specific needs of the fashion industry, and will serve as precedents for future projects at George Brown College.

Circular fashion design is a revolutionary concept that aims to close the loop on waste and pollution in the fashion industry. Brookfield Sustainability Institute is closing the loop by supporting systematic shifts in the fashion industry by designing innovative garments that contribute to a more sustainable process and promote short and long term behavioural change for both suppliers and consumers.

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