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Mon, Oct. 24th, 2022 – Fri, Oct. 28th, 2022
School of Design
3 Lower Jarvis St.
Limited spots. Applications close on October 12th.

Are you an aspiring fashion designer, creative director, web developer, visual designer or future entrepreneur? 

Join us for a collaborative workshop to become the creative mind behind GBC’s first sustainable fashion brand!

The Challenge

Fashion, like many other industries, operates within the Take-Make-Waste model. This means that we continue to extract raw materials and energy from the planet, produce clothing that is often worn for a limited amount of time, and then we discard it, to pollute our lands and water resources.

George Brown College wants to be Canada’s first circular clothing brand for students, and you will design it. 

We want you to work in teams to design a garment that is innovative, both in terms of fashion and technology, and offers a sustainable solution to the traditional take-make-waste model. 

Let’s be different.

Event Details

October 24th-28th (Intersession Week)

School of Design, 3 Lower Jarvis St.

9am-5pm (only runs until 3pm on Friday)

Why participate?

  • Learn Design Thinking
  • Feedback from Industry Experts
  • Network and Exposure
  • Portfolio / Resume Piece
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Show off your Talents
  • Impress your Professor
  • Future Part-Time Job Opportunity
  • Awards and Recognition

Apply Now

If you’re a student from:
  • School of Design
  • School of Fashion
  • School of Computer Technology
  • School of Business
Or you think you can bring something special to the team, we invite you to apply!

Limited spots. Applications close on October 12th.
GBC and BSI Partnership Logo

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