May 8-9, 2024

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The Future of Sustainable Buildings

BSI@GBC Presents: The Future of Sustainable Buildings Launch Event
May 18, 2023
Daphne Cockwell Centre, 51 Dockside Dr, Toronto

On May 18, 2023, George Brown College (GBC) and RBC’s Climate Action Institute launched Brookfield Sustainability Institute (BSI). The BSI is a learning hub dedicated to research and innovations around sustainability. It will be located at Limberlost Place, the college’s new mass timber net-zero emissions building.The BSI@GBC event took place in-person at George Brown College’s Daphne Cockwell Centre for Health Sciences (Waterfront location) from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM and was hosted by GBC’s President, Dr. Gervan Fearon. The event explored the key sectoral pathways to overcoming barriers to decarbonizing buildings along with the release of a joint research report on pathways to achieving decarbonization in a lively panel discussion moderated by Jody Becker, Chief Strategy Officer and EVP, of Infrastructure Services and Technology at EllisDon.

The esteemed panelists include:

Geoff Smith, President and CEO, EllisDon

Peter Gilgan, Chairman and CEO of Mattamy Asset Management Incorporated

Dave McKay, CEO of Royal Bank of Canada

The launch of BSI@GBC is presented by Brookfield Sustainability Institute and the RBC Climate Action Institute. The RBC Climate Action Institute brings together research insights and industry experts to help clients and communities apply climate solutions and has been undertaking in-depth research to help address and solve the buildings sector's emissions challenge.Canada’s building sector significantly contributes to the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. It is crucial to decarbonize this sector to achieve Canada's 2030 climate target and create a net-zero economy by 2050.

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What are the Streams?

Ways of Sharing

• The relationship between Working & Learning

• Themes: harmonization of work and learning practices, eco-friendly workspaces, sustainable learning methodologies

• Facilitator: Eric Meerkamper
• Case Study: FireNtegra

In a world facing sustainability challenges, the relationship between work and learning needs a paradigm shift. Traditional models contribute to environmental strain, and there’s a pressing need for sustainable innovations that harmonize work and learning practices.

This Stream will explore sustainable innovations in learning and work.

Determine how cutting-edge practices can provide solutions to the environmental impact of traditional approaches. From eco-friendly workspaces to sustainable learning methodologies,we’ll delve into transformative solutions that shape a greener future.

• The relationship between Health & Wellness

• Themes: holistic approaches to healthcare, mental well-being, community resilience, and inclusive care strategies

• Facilitator: Jane Cooke-Lauder
• Case Study: SourceFarm

Exploring novel ways of caring for individuals and communities.

In our fast-paced world, health challenges abound, impacting both individuals and communities. The traditional approaches to healthcare often fall short in addressing the holistic well-being of individuals, leaving communities vulnerable to various health-related issues.

This Stream will explore innovative solutions in the realm of Health & Wellness.

We’ll lead discussions on holistic approaches to healthcare, mental well-being, community resilience, and inclusive care strategies. We’ll delve into the latest advancements, compassionate strategies, and collaborative initiatives that contribute to healthier societies.

Ways of Caring

Ways of Living

• The relationship between Housing & Community

• Themes: redefine urban living, infrastructure development,and housing design

• Facilitator: Kristina Verner
• Case Study: Eglinton West

Our current living practices and infrastructure often contribute to environmental degradation and urban challenges.

Traditional approaches to housing and infrastructure can be unsustainable, posing threats to both the well-being of individuals and the health of the planet.

This Stream will explore cutting-edge solutions and sustainable practices that redefine urban living, infrastructure development, and housing design. We’ll envision and create a blueprint for tomorrow’s living spaces where comfort and environmental harmony coexist.

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