Brookfield Smart Sustainability Charrette

Feb. 23rd - 27th, 2023
School of Design
3 Lower Jarvis St.
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Calling all designers.
Brookfield Smart Sustainability Charrette

Collaborate with groups of interdisciplinary innovators to tackle some of the world’s biggest climate challenges!

The Brookfield Sustainability Institute will host students, faculty, and industry experts from across the globe in an intensive 4-day design workshop.

Our Focus

The projects cover a range of subjects and geographical areas, including city planning, architecture and interior design, urban agriculture, and heritage conversation and revitalization. The results from this exploratory workshop will inspire the future development of each project with staff, industry partners, and community stakeholders of the BSI, resulting in actualized concepts and tangible change.

The projects include:

  • Short Food Supply Chain Project
  • Linear City Project
  • Wooler Area Community Organization Project
  • Climate Positive Housing Development
  • Deep River Interpretative Centre 
  • The Chefs’ House Remodelling
  • Sustainable Tourism Barbados
  • The Gathering Place - A Housing Collaborative for Immigrants and Refugee
  • The Future of Office Space

Short Food Supply Chain Project

George Brown College will be creating a testing area for robotic and other urban agricultural gardening models. The team will design this urban agricultural test bed and develop a cuisine and interactive cooking app that will instruct people on how to create meals for a sustainable urban diet based on short food supply chains.

Linear City Project

As our cities are faced with growing climate change challenges, how will they adapt to become sustainable? This project will reimagine urban form that will supplant our current urban structures to be resilient especially if humanity is not able to solve the immediate climate change problem and if temperatures and water levels continue to rise.
Highway intersection from above

Wooler Area Community Organization Project

Can a century old schoolhouse with significant heritage value be restored, made sustainable and accessible, and become a landmark community centre in a small rural community in Ontario?  
Wooler House

Climate Positive Housing Development

Looking at rural, suburban and city sites imagine a new neighborhood development of micro-homes with communal services and active transportation. Can we develop net carbon housing developments that make life affordable and offer new models for sustainable living for its inhabitants.
House rooftops from above

Deep River Interpretative Centre

Deep River has a unique and rich history that includes Canada’s first nuclear complex and was home to one of Canada’s oldest Algonquin villages and possibly the only Algonquin log cabin. The opportunity to re-imagine an Indigenous lost history and reconcile a future that preserves and protects the landmark cabin, Indigenous culture and artifacts yet establishes a path for a sustainable future presents a unique opportunity.
Chalk River

The Chefs' House Remodeling 

Imagine how to tell the story of Toronto’s only student-led fine dining restaurant while adapting it to become a flexible, sustainably driven event and dining space. Redesign the system of elements connected to the culinary and hospitality experience such as the furniture, lighting, use of technology and communication strategies. Develop a proposal for a unique learning and dining experience.  
Chefs house

Sustainable Tourism Barbados

How do we design systemic tourist destinations solutions that are both sustainable and resilient for island communities that are experiencing climate change impacts and emergencies? Teams will research the Harrison Point Isolation Facility on Barbados’ Northshore as a site for sustainable and resilient growth with diversity in tourist accommodations. This site should serve as a multipurpose venue that can also support Barbados in times of crisis.
Harbour in Barbados

The Gathering Place – A Housing Collaborative for Immigrants and Refugees

Teams will identify an appropriate site in the city of Scarborough, Ontario to develop a holistic transitional housing initiative for immigrants and refugees coming to Canada. Newcomers face specific challenges that will need to be addressed for a successful model to work. Teams will create schematics, identify key stakeholders, and create implementation and engagement strategies.
Scarborough houses

The Future of Office Space

New technologies, new industries, new patterns of behaviour – the past few decades have seen remarkable changes in the workplace, the home, and public social spaces. The Future of Work is a transformational project that brings together students & faculty from design, technology & business to explore what the future of work looks like and to propose new spatial designs that respond to this new employment landscape.
Keyboard and phone on a desk

Why Participate?

  • Collaborate on an international interdisciplinary team
  • Learn design thinking tools and methods
  • Develop sustainable solutions for real projects
  • Network and exposure
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Event Details

February 23rd-27th

School of Design, 3 Lower Jarvis St.

Charrette Launch: February 23, 5:30 PM - Room 240

Working days:
February 24-27th from 8:30 AM

Advisor sessions:
February 24th and 25th from 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Final presentations:
February 27th from 1:00 - 5:30 PM

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